The Hamptons, Long Island, NY

The HamptonsAn escape from the bustling, hurried, congested atmosphere of New York City is less than 100 miles away. The Hamptons, which includes town like Southampton and East Hampton and various villages and hamlets, is a well-known vacation destination and a popular getaway for those in the New York area. Attractive seaside resorts line the Atlantic coast, and several parks and campgrounds are a drastic but welcomed departure from the concrete and tall buildings of the city. Beach house rentals come in varying price ranges, making a Hamptons vacation possible for many.

Yet, between the city and the Hamptons is the traffic of Long Island, and getting away involves planning for and withstanding the traffic – or coming up with a better solution. A train is one option, but taking a helicopter charter flight literally and figuratively flies above all other alternatives.

Helicopter Flight Services, Inc. runs various charter flights from Manhattan and other area destinations to the Hamptons. Flights can be scheduled from three heliports in Manhattan and from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, and heat, air conditioning, a Bose stereo system, and spacious cabin provide optimal enjoyment and comfort on one of our safe and secure rides.

Aside from taking you to one of the most popular vacation destinations, our Hamptons charter helicopter flights have several benefits. First, a charter flight is far superior to all other transportation options: Traffic is no longer an obstacle, and rather than depending on a train schedule, you can customize your trips with Helicopter Flight Services. Additionally, rather than leaving from an airport, our charter flights leave from easily accessible locations in Manhattan and New Jersey.

Beginning your vacation is as simple as scheduling a charter flight with Helicopter flight services. Contact our team to inquire about custom charter flights, to discuss and arrange possible trips, or to book a reservation for a Hamptons trip.

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