Newark, New Jersey

Newark Liberty International AirportSeveral domestic and international flights leave from Newark Liberty International Airport each day. Is one of those yours? And, are you coming into the airport from downtown Manhattan or one of the surrounding boroughs? While Newark Airport is a mere 15 miles away from the city, the traffic between New York and New Jersey poses a serious hurdle to anyone aiming to catch a flight on time. If this sounds like your situation, what options do you have?

Driving, of course, is the most common but unreliable. Bridges and tunnels around the city turn into bottlenecks, and as a result, traffic is a constant factor. However, the level of traffic can mean a slight or significant delay, so why take that risk? Public transit is another option, but as Newark is multiple trains or buses away, is taking your luggage practical? And, are you sure you won't encounter a delay?

Rather than take a risk, plan to get to Newark Airport by helicopter. Offering charter flights to all New York-area airports from downtown Manhattan, Helicopter Flight Services, Inc. gets you to Newark in less than 10 minutes. By taking our Newark helicopter shuttle, you'll relax instead of stress out on your way to the airport. Traffic congestion is no longer a concern, as our Bell 407 helicopter simply flies right over to take you directly to your destination.

Leaving from three heliports in Manhattan, airport transfer charters provide a safe, secure, and comfortable ride. The cab's spacious interior holds up to six individuals and offers heat, air conditioning, and a Bose stereo system.

Once one of our Bell 407 helicopters lands at Newark Airport, ground transportation efficiently takes you to the terminal, and you'll have plenty of time to check in. For getting to Newark Airport without the hassle, contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

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