Helicopter Flight Services is Pleased to Offer Aerial Photography Services in the Tri-State Area!

Helicopter Aerial Photography

Capture the perfect shot from above with our aerial photography services. Unique, head-turning images make a distinct impact when incorporated into materials for marketing, branding, real estate, museums, resorts and event planning to name a few. Your video/images will greatly impact your efficiency for drawings that are needed for completion, construction & architectural projects. For all of these services and more we provide custom options all over the tri-state area to meet yours and your clients expectations.

Few pictures are more breathtaking than aerial photographs.

  • Real Estate
  • Schools, resorts, restaurants, museums
  • Construction Sites
  • Aerial surveillance for drainage, assessment, planning events and other services
  • Marketing / branding materials
  • Architectural photography for contest submission or editorial content
  • Private and commercial marine photography
  • Event Planning
Aerial Photography Services

Call one of our flight specialists to design your aerial photo shoot today!