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3 Travel Apps for Trip Planning

September 5, 2016

Planning a trip can be beyond exciting. Luckily, we now have apps that can help us make the most of our time, find personal recommendations from people around the world, and make sure that we never forget anything at home. Here are our favorites for travel apps:
If you know you want to go somewhere, but you’re not quite sure where to take your next trip, this fun to use, well-designed app can help. Get inspired by more than 200,000 experiences from over 500,000 real travelers from around the world, plus share your own travel tips and stories once you’re back. You can use minube to find inspiration and discover your next travel destinations, see recommendations and tips from real travelers, and create beautiful travel photo albums once you’ve returned home.

Packing Pro
Packing is a huge part of any trip, this app helps make the process easier and less stressful. Create lists of what you need based on the number of adults (males and females), children and days you’ll be away, as well as temperature, destination, and clothes-washing preferences. Edit & customize lists & catalog however you wish. No limits on number, length or organization of your content. Create lists for several people at a time (manually, or with Expert help), and use icons & filters, as well as export & printing options, to sub-divide your list. Automatically sync all of your lists, catalog & settings between all of your iOS devices.

Discover and book unique experiences offered by local insiders. Vayable is changing the way people experience the world. Go around the world in eighty bites with an underground ethnic food journey in Queens. Cast yourself in your own photography exhibit in the hidden streets of Paris. Fish with a Fijian king on your own private island. We live in a beautiful world with amazing people. Anything is possible. This cool app allows you to choose form over 2000 boutique travel experiences around the globe and book the ones you want to try. Search your destination, select an experience that looks good and book it instantly through Vayable’s secure reservation system.

No matter what app you are using, booking a New York City Helicopter Tour is always a great idea. Take time to be spontaneous, use these apps to help you find peace of mind.