5 NYC Attractions You Must See

New York City, or call it Gotham if you prefer, is just the epicenter of the world’s modern day high rise cities. As they say, New York is just larger than life. Be it in terms of population, size, culture, entertainment, food, and attraction sites; New York City boasts of having it all. There is so much to see, experience, and enjoy in NYC. And how better to do this than with an exhilarating bird’s view from the sky with some award winning NYC Helicopter Tours.
Here are 5 NYC attractions you must see!
1. The Statue of Liberty
heli statue
Built way back in the year 1886, the statue of liberty is a great symbol of freedom. Millions of immigrants greeted the Statue of Liberty on their first arrival in America. With NYC Helicopter Tours, you can be able to view this beautiful and massive statue; standing at a staggering height of 300 feet above ground, all the while from a comfortable seat inside a luxurious helicopter.
2. The Empire State Building
A visit to New York would not be complete without a taste of what the Empire State building has to offer. Located in the center of midtown Manhattan, this mega 102-story building has an 86th floor observatory perched at about 1000 feet above the city streets. From its Art Deco design to the view of famous New York landmarks you can get from here, this National historic landmark sure has plenty to offer for first time NYC visitors.
3. Ellis Island
Ellis Island was the gateway through which millions of immigrants entered into the United States. This island immigration museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the stories of those who came in search of a new beginning in America. For those whose ancestors made the journey, you can be able to see the computerized genealogical records held by the American Family History Center here.
4. One World Trade Center
Soaring at a symbolic 1,776 feet above the city streets, the One World Trade Center building is the largest building in the western hemisphere. This building is a shining beacon of the new Downtown and an iconic landmark of New York City. You can admire the magnificent beauty of this mega-structure with the best angles from the sky using reliable NYC Helicopter Tours.
5. Chrysler Building
This building is a classic example of Art Deco architecture and has over the years been considered one of the finest buildings in New York City by contemporary architects. With great 360-degree views of the Manhattan and its outlying areas, this is one of locations that are a must visit in NYC.
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