Advice for First-Time Helicopter Passengers

helicopter ride nyFlying in a helicopter is an exciting experience, but it may feel a little overwhelming to some people who are doing it for the first time. Here are some tips on how to prepare so you can enjoy your flight.
If you are nervous about flying, don’t be. Flying is one of the safest forms of travel. There are far fewer flying accidents than car accidents every year. Your helicopter pilot will be a highly trained professional with many hours of experience flying helicopters in a variety of weather conditions. He or she will have flown over your route many times.
You can reduce your anxiety prior to the flight through deep breathing, meditating, or visualizing what the flight experience will be like. If you are very anxious, your doctor may be able to prescribe anti-anxiety medication to help you during the flight. You may also find it helpful to read, play games, or strike up a conversation with the person next to you on the flight.
Dress appropriately and be prepared for your helicopter flight. Wear long pants and a light jacket, and keep long hair pulled back. Do not wear sunglasses, a hat, sandals, flip flops, a necklace, or other loose jewelry. Do not bring heavy luggage or loose items such as a cell phone, keys, or a purse.
Follow all instructions given by your pilot. Sit in your assigned seat and keep your seatbelt fastened throughout the flight. If there is an emergency, your pilot will tell you what to do. Find out where the first aid kit and personal flotation devices are located before your flight begins. Do not leave the helicopter until instructed to do so, and exercise caution.
Flying in a helicopter can be a very pleasant experience if you are prepared. Follow these tips to make the most of your flight.