Are your Valentine’s Day plans up in the air?

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to surprise your S.O. with a gift they’ll never forget.
Spending Valentine’s Day in New York City is like going to a wedding of an old friend: you’re either giggling at a table with your boy/girlfriend or downing drinks at the bar with your best friend. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate everyone you love in your life – not just romantically! If there’s one city that knows how to celebrate every occasion in style, it’s the City That Never Sleeps.
HeliNY offers the best NYC tours available – not only because there’s not an ounce of traffic to contend with, but because aerial views of the city are more romantic than any box of chocolates. HeliNY is honored to play host to your lovey-dovey outing in our cozy, heated sightseeing helicopter tours. Embrace your relationship’s wild side with a Valentine’s Gift they never saw coming!
Here are some of our suggestions for a Valentine’s Day adventure you and your love will never forget. Don’t forget to book these tours as soon as possible: Cupid’s busiest season is ours as well!

  1. The Magical Morning: take a trip to Baked Bakery in Tribeca and grab a few melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon buns to go. Then head over to our heliport for a breathtaking flight over NYC on our delightful New Yorker Tour.  Snap some sweet selfies, revel in the views, and experience the city like you never have before!
  2. The Thrill-Seekers Tour:  For you two, life is one never-ending adventure. We recommend booking the Deluxe Tour. This aerial adventure offers magnificent views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, the Statue of Liberty, and so much more. After touchdown, why not hit up some of the best dive bars in NYC? Have fun, you crazy kids!
  3. The Ever-Classy Couple: After a charming day strolling through Central Park and enjoying a leisurely lunch at La Grenouille, it’s time to head to HeliNY’s heliport for your New York City helicopter experience. Experience a rapturous view of New York City from the air in one of our luxurious choppers, then hop onto the NYC Water Taxi for a stunning tour of the Statue of Liberty in this incredible 2-part experience.

Wishing you and your love the most magical of memories this Valentine’s Day. Remember: there’s nothing more romantic than shared experiences. Looking forward to greeting you, lovebirds!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
-The HeliNY Team