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Beat This Cold Spell With a Heated Tour of NYC!

January 11, 2018

Has anyone else noticed how bitterly cold it’s been in NYC these past two weeks? Leaving your home for even 5 minutes results in windblown cheeks, frozen fingertips, and intense bouts of shivering. This turn of the weather is particularly discouraging to tourists. After all, you don’t travel all the way to the most magical city in the world to run from one cab to the next! That’s no way to see this city in all her glory.
HeliNY has the perfect solution to this chilling problem. Why not get the most dramatic, breathtaking view of the city…from the warmth and comfort of a heated helicopter? It’s New York City’s best-kept secret: all HeliNY helicopters are fully heated, so you can ride in style – and warmth. Not to mention — there are far less tourists and traffic during this time of year. It’s the perfect time for New Yorkers to experience their city from above!
So now that you know you don’t have to suffer the biting NYC winds, who will you bring with you on this magical ride above a winter wonderland? We have a few ideas:

  1. Did someone say Valentine’s Day? Show off your inner cupid by treating your S.O to a cozy and romantic trip over the skyscrapers of NYC. It’s never too early to reserve a trip on a holiday!
  2. Your relatives from Florida are visiting. No need to subject these warm-blooded creatures to the harsh NYC winter – shuffle them into a heated helicopter and gain them bragging rights for a lifetime
  3. Gather the troops. It’s a guys or gals night out! Our nighttime tours are what dreams are made of – NYC lights up in a dazzling display of neon. Did we mention the insane selfie ops?
  4. Call your mother. For real. Just give her a call. Doesn’t she deserve an amazing NYC experience? Bump your way up the secret (or not so secret) favorite child list and treat the folks to the helicopter experience of a lifetime.
  5. Just because. Here’s a crazy idea: book a trip for one. Have an epiphany-inducing solo journey above the clouds. Life’s too short to not do anything crazy. Plus, if you’re flying by yourself, you can fool your fellow passengers into thinking your with the FBI!

Whoever you choose to enjoy this experience with, you’re guaranteed a safe, warm, and exhilarating journey. Book today and beat the winter blues (and crowds!). See you in the skies!