Booking a Helicopter Charter for a Spring Wedding

helicopter ride nyIf you are planning to get married this spring, you want to spend as much time as possible with your guests at the reception while still making sure that you will have enough time to get to the airport to set off on your honeymoon. Booking a helicopter charter is a great way to help you make a grand exit from your wedding reception and get to the airport quickly and efficiently.
A helicopter charter can get you to any of the three New York area airports – JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark – much faster than you could by driving. A helicopter charter can help you avoid unpredictable and frustrating traffic on the roads that could cause you to miss your flight. We can even arrange ground transport from the helicopter landing site directly to your airline terminal.
If you are planning a honeymoon at a nearby location, Helicopter Flight Services may be able to transport you directly to your destination via helicopter charter. You can avoid having to travel to an airport and pay for the cost of plane tickets. Instead, you can board a helicopter and arrive at your honeymoon spot quickly.
Since you will be able to save travel time by taking a helicopter charter, you will be able to leave later for the airport or your final destination. This will give you more time to spend celebrating with your family and friends at your wedding reception.
Leaving your wedding reception in a chartered helicopter can be an impressive way to say goodbye to your guests and set off on your honeymoon. Flying off in a helicopter is sure to get your guests talking and create a memorable end to the evening. Soaring through the sky in a chartered helicopter is also an exciting way to begin your married life together.