Fun Photo Tips for New York Helicopter Tours

Compose your photographs of iconic structures minimally.
Every so often it helps your practice as a photographer to remove yourself from this main image that you are so set on photographing. Drop the ¾ rule, let the subject go. Remove yourself from the subject itself and the subject matter. Now look through your camera again, take note of the details, of the curve of a piece of metal, of the way the sun reflects on a smooth surface, the reflection of shadows against a wall; these details are sitting patiently awaiting for your acknowledgement, waiting for a chance to show you how beautiful the abstract details can be, no matter how minimal they are. Take this chance to capture the Chrysler’s buildings fascinating art deco spire wrought with detail.
Helicopter Tours NYCHelicopter Tours NYC
Shoot spontaneously.
New York City has many iconic buildings and landmarks to photograph. Most photographers make a plan of which buildings they want to capture, however helpful this approach is, it neglects the spontaneity of being up in the air. A photograph is intended to capture a moment that the photographer sees at capturable. This is why it is important to allow yourself to be caught up in the moment, and photograph whatever catches your eye as interesting while you are flying. While it is absolutely acceptable to want to and to plan to photograph the Empire State Building, it is important to leave some time carved out for the fun spontaneous images you never could have prepared for.
Helicopter Tours NYC
Helicopter Tours NYC
Capture the helicopter experience.
In helicopters you have to distribute the weight evenly, this is why the seats are facing each other. Instead of this being a bummer, take this moment as an opportunity to photograph the inside of the helicopter, and your fellow helicopter passenger. You’ll notice that you will have an absolute vantage point from your specific side, make sure to capture that, as everyone on the flight has a different viewpoint as well. Capture the inside of the cockpit too!
Helicopter Tours NYC
Make memories with us, but remember to capture those memories with your photographs! Check out any one of our New York Helicopter Tours today, and get your cameras ready!