How to Travel From a Municipal to an International Airport by Helicopter Transfer

How to Travel From a Municipal to an International Airport by Helicopter Transfer

February 25, 2016

helicopter ride nyTraveling can be fun and it can also be highly stressful. Traveling for business can be even more stressful as you try to get from one location to the next without being held up by traffic, airport security, or other time-wasting distractions. That being said, if you’re traveling and you have to get from a municipal airport to an international one, take advantage of a helicopter transfer to get you there quickly and stress free. Here’s how.

Locate a Heliport – Traveling between airports can be incredibly stressful, so before you take flight, make sure you do plenty of research. If there is a heliport in the city you are flying to, contact them and see if they service the airports – both the one you are flying into and the one you are flying out of. If they service both airports, or if they’re willing to service both of them just for you, you’ll be able to skip the traffic and confusion of driving in a foreign city and take to the sky with airport to airport helicopter transfers.

Schedule Your Flight – After you find a heliport that will service both airports, make sure you schedule your transfer. Provide your flight itineraries so that the helicopter transfer company knows when you’re expected to land and when your next flight leaves. This will allow them to be waiting for you when arrive and will ensure you arrive at the next airport with plenty of time to catch your connecting flight.

Complimentary Pick up and Drop Off – Traveling via helicopter is an experience in itself. A complimentary shuttle will take you from the tarmac to the nearby helipad; you’ll fly in style as you blast over the chaos of the city, and when you land, you’ll be brought right to your terminal by another shuttle. If you can think of an easier way to traverse between airports, please let us know.

Say Goodbye to Stress – Thinking that you’ll forego the helicopter ride and just settle for a taxi? Why? Taxi rides can be stressful and sometimes even scary, so why put yourself through that when you could be treated like royalty and fly to your next destination in style and class? If you want to get to your destination relaxed and refreshed, don’t take any chances with ground travel. A helicopter transfer will have you feeling great and traveling fast so that you can spend more time relaxing and less time rushing to catch your next flight.

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