How to Travel From Manhattan to New Jersey With a Helicopter Charter?

helicopter ride nyDriving time between Manhattan and area airports takes more than an hour in unpredictable and aggravating traffic, while airport transfers by helicopter take less than 10 minutes. For a quick, reliable solution, helicopter charters safely take you above the cars, avoiding the traffic completely to land you at the airport terminal. Helicopter companies offer airport transfers from Manhattan to Newark Airport with helicopters leaving from three heliports at Hudson and East River locations.

The helicopters seat up to six and transport you at 150 to 200 mph in the comfort of air conditioning, heat, and a Bose stereo system.
You can also take a helicopter charter to a weekend destination in Atlantic City, NJ. A helicopter charter provides a quick, easy, and comfortable alternative for travel out of Manhattan to New Jersey. A charter flight gets you to your destination faster because it gets closer to New York City than an airplane and is faster than a car service. You get a smooth, safe ride in a helicopter without sacrificing the comfort of a spacious cabin. Travel time from Manhattan to Atlantic City is about 45 minutes.You can also take charter helicopter flights to other areas of the Jersey shore.

Busy executives can work in their offices until late afternoon, board a private helicopter, and arrive in Atlantic City or the Jersey shore relaxed for dinner. Parents can pick up their children after school, board a helicopter, and arrive at these New Jersey locations before dinner.

Helicopter charters are available on an on-call or prescheduled basis, with discounts available for multiple flights on the same route.

Find charter helicopter services online and book your flight from Manhattan to New Jersey at your earliest convenience.