Lens Filters for Aerial Photography

One of the most fascinating parts of a HeliNY Helicopter Tour over NYC is taking aerial photographs of all the sights. We have a few tips for photographers of all levels who want to capture images with lens filters.
Lens filters are usually attached to the front of your camera lens, altering the light hitting the camera sensor. Some lens filters enhance colors, others block UV light, and some even allow your camera to pick up colors that cannot be seen by the human eye.
Whichever lens you choose, remember that you have to adjust the settings on your camera to get a good exposure. But you already knew that, right? Let’s go over some of the lens filters options that are best for aerial photography, or in our case, best from a helicopter ride.
Ultraviolet, UV Filters
UV filters improve the clarity of a photo, while providing additional lens protection. Sometimes taking photos from the inside cabin of an aircraft creates a reflection in the glass, a UV filter can help avoid this reflection.
Graduated Neutral Density Filter
Also known as a graduated ND filter, it is particularly useful for pictures that include a brightly lit horizon with a darker landscape, which you will find yourself in the midst of depending on the time of your flight. This filter can help even out the scenery while preventing overexposure of the sky, and underexposure of the landscape.
Circular And Linear Polarizers
Many landscape photographers find these filters the most useful for adding vividness and high contrast to their photographs. These filters help to keep glare and bright reflections down to a minimum, especially the glare and too bright reflections from water – which you might experience flying over the Hudson.
In reality, it doesn’t matter what you’re taking photographs with; a cell phone, a DSLR, or a film camera, just make sure to enjoy the experience and live in the moment! Have a look at our NYC Helicopter tours, and get in contact with us today to book yours!