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Meet the fleet!

October 31, 2018

On the last edition of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we highlighted our Reservations Manager, Bronwyn Howell. We love our team of employees, but this month, we want to highlight some of our most instrumental players – our team of helicopters.

Within our fleet, we have four main players! The Bell 407,  the Airbus EC130T2, the Bell 427, and the Airbus EC155.

The Bell 407

The Bell 407  is a beautiful four-blade, single-engine civil utility helicopter. Featuring an impressive 375 mile range and max speed of 160mph,  the Bell 407 is able to fly up to 6 passengers around New York City. This is a great aircraft for tours with its floor to ceiling windows and large cabin configuration!

The Airbus EC130T2

The Airbus EC130T2 may be one of the most powerful helicopters out there, but it’s also one of the quietest. Featuring a light single-engine, this helicopter will provide an incredibly smooth ride for up to 7 passengers. This aircraft is often regarded as a favorite for many with its amazing panoramic views!

The Bell 427

The Bell 427 is the twin-engine, multi-role, light utility helicopter sister of the Bell 407, only used for charter flights. The first helicopter designed entirely on computer by Bell Helicopter, the Bell 427 seats 7 passengers and boasts a 450 mile range.

Airbus EC155

The massive Airbus EC155 seats the most passengers of all, up to 12 people, and can fly a vast 530 miles at up to 200 mph.  Flown by a two-person crew, this helicopter is perfect if you have quite a few members in your pack looking to tour NYC by flight.


If you’re ready to experience New York City like never before, feel free to reach out and meet the fleet for yourself!

-The HeliNY Team


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