Options for a Helicopter Charter

helicopter ride nyThere was a time when helicopter rides were saved for the elite, the rich and famous, those in the military, and those who were important enough to demand one. Not today. Now helicopters can be booked by just about anyone for just about any purpose. If you thought that you’d never get the chance to ride in a helicopter, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Simply book a charter. Here are the many helicopter charter services available to the public.

Joy Ride – You don’t have to have a destination to enjoy a ride in a beautiful, powerful, luxurious helicopter. Many helicopter services offer charter rides to those who simply want to get off the ground for a while. Taking in the views from high above the city can be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you think you’ve seen the city from every angle, think again. There is something so serene and beautiful about seeing a city landscape from a bird’s-eye view.

Airport Transfers – One of the most popular reasons to book a helicopter charter is airport transfer, especially in the city. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get to the airport in heavy traffic, and we all know that New York City always has heavy traffic. Eliminate the stress of missing your flight by booking a helicopter ride the airport. Helicopter charters to the airport offer relaxing, fast, and efficient travel. Many city dwellers take advantage of this service not only to ensure that they’ll make their flight but also to unwind and prepare for the travel day ahead. Most helicopter services offer airport transfers to international and local airports.

Alternative Travel – Skip the airport altogether and take a helicopter charter all the way to your final destination. Travel by helicopter is a great alternative for persons living in a busy city. When the destination of interest is just outside the city borders and driving there is a pain, simply board a helicopter. Helicopters can get travelers to their destinations much faster than they would get there by car; plus, there are no airport terminals, heavy security, or uncomfortable seats.

When it comes to helicopter charters, the options are limitless. Like we said, you can simply book air time to see the sights or you can use the service to get carry you to your next vacation destination. Helicopter services are just waiting to better service your travel needs.