Planning a Long Island Long Weekend with a Helicopter Charter

helicopter ride nyIf you work in the New York area and deal with the stress of traffic every day, you would probably enjoy a long, relaxing weekend on Long Island. However, traffic getting out of New York on a weekend can be problematic with accidents and delays. A short trip could easily take an hour or more by car, leaving you tired and stressed out before you even get to your weekend destination.

There is another way to get to your Long Island weekend home quickly and avoid all of the hassle of dealing with New York traffic. Helicopter Flight Services can take you on a charter flight from a helipad in New York City to Long Island. A trip that would take an hour or more by car will take just a matter of minutes. That means you will have more time to relax and enjoy your time away from the city.
Helicopter Flight Services operates a fleet of modern and spacious Bell helicopters designed with our passengers’ comfort in mind. Our helicopters are equipped with amenities like heating, air conditioning, and Bose stereo systems so that you can relax and travel to your Long Island weekend home in comfort. Our helicopters can comfortably seat up to six passengers.
Life in New York City can be stressful. If you want to take some time to recharge by spending a long weekend on Long Island, don’t waste time dealing with traffic to get there. Book a helicopter charter with Helicopter Flight Services. We can eliminate the stress and get you to your destination quickly and safely in a comfortable environment so you can be rested and relaxed to start your long weekend away from home.