Questions to Ask When Booking a Helicopter Tour

Questions to Ask When Booking a Helicopter Tour

February 25, 2016

helicopter ride nyIf you are planning to take a helicopter tour, you will need to get some important information before you set out on your excursion. Here are some questions to ask the helicopter tour operator.

Where will the tour go?

A helicopter tour can take you over many areas and give you a bird’s eye view of the natural landscape and possibly some famous landmarks. Ask the helicopter tour company what buildings, bridges, waterways, mountains, or other sites you can expect to see on your trip.

How long will the tour last?

Helicopter tours can vary in duration depending on the length of the trip and how many sites are included in the package. Check on the length of the tour to help you in planning the rest of your day.

When does the helicopter tour depart?

Be sure to know when the tour leaves and how early to get there to check in to avoid missing it and forfeiting your deposit or fee.

Will you cancel the tour in the event of bad weather?

Heavy rain, snow, wind, and thick clouds can all affect the pilot’s ability to fly the helicopter safely. Ask under what circumstances the tour might be canceled and what the policy is in terms of rescheduling or getting a refund.

How should I dress for the helicopter tour?

Wear seasonally appropriate clothing, dress in layers, and wear comfortable, secure shoes for your tour. Avoid loose hair and jewelry.

What should I bring with me on the tour?

You will probably want to bring a camera or video camera, but you should not have loose items such as keys, a purse or backpack, or anything that could get in the way or interfere with the operation of the aircraft. Ask about weight limits for the flight and any specific restrictions.

What type of helicopter will be used for the tour?

Ask about the model of the helicopter, how long it has been in service, and the safety record for the aircraft.

How much experience does the pilot have?

Pilots should have several years of training and flying experience so that they can safely operate the helicopter for the tour.