The Best Time of Year for a Helicopter Tour

helicopter flight servicesA helicopter tour can be an exciting way to take in many of the famous sites in the New York City area. It will give you a bird’s eye view of many historic landmarks and offer a unique perspective that you cannot get from the ground. A helicopter tour will also allow you to avoid the inconvenience of dealing with traffic on crowded city streets. While you can take a helicopter tour at any time of the year, weather can always be a factor and should be taken into consideration when choosing the season for your tour.

Winter comes with the ever-present threat of snow, as well as strong winds and icing that can interfere with helicopter safety. Severe winter weather can easily ground a helicopter tour and force you to reschedule your flight.

That is not to say that other seasons do not have risks. Spring and summer are two of the most popular times for helicopter tours because of their generally good weather, but they often have thunderstorms that can hamper safe helicopter flight. Fall can be a good choice for a tour because of the generally clear, though chilly weather, although there is always the chance of an early snowstorm.

When booking a helicopter tour, take the season and typical weather into account. Spring and summer will probably offer you the best views and weather, but that is no guarantee that your flight will go off without a hitch.

Spring and summer are the busiest times of the year for helicopter tours, so you should make your reservation early if you want to take a tour at one of those times. If you are planning a vacation, it would be wise to book your tour near the beginning of your trip so that you will be able to reschedule in the event that the weather doesn’t cooperate.