The Top Safety Features in Helicopters

helicopter ride nySafety is of the utmost importance to helicopter designers and manufacturers. Helicopters are equipped with a number of safety features to protect pilots and passengers. The exact features vary from model to model. Here are some of the most common.

Auto-pilot decreases the pilot’s workload and can allow the aircraft to operate safely if the pilot becomes temporarily distracted.

A global positioning system (GPS) helps the pilot navigate, even in bad weather or conditions with poor visibility. GPS enables the pilot to fly the helicopter safely to the destination using the instruments in the cockpit.

A radio altimeter lets the pilot know the positions of other aircraft in the area to avoid the potential of a collision.

A traffic advisory system notifies the pilot if other aircraft are flying in the area so they can avoid flying too close to each other.

A flight data recorder records information from the cockpit and instrument panel that can be useful in the event of an accident for determining its cause.

Pilots also have many hours of training and flight experience. They are trained and equipped to deal with a variety of weather conditions, obstacles, and mechanical problems. A helicopter can be landed safely even in the event of engine failure or some other mechanical problems that might arise.

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