There’s a New Monument in Town

The greatest thing about New York City is the speed of evolution and development across the skyline. We hate to brag, but we’re considered to be the experts when it comes to our beloved NYC skyline, so we could not wait to tell you about… wait for it… Vessel. The name alone is enough to raise eyebrows with intrigue.


The Vessel is a stunning attraction of a brand new neighborhood, Hudson Yards. What is Vessel? It’s an interactive landmark, a stunning display of human ingenuity and architecture, a gorgeous sight, and your cardio for the evening!

Designed and imagined by Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio, the Vessel is comprised of an intricate honeycomb design cleverly disguising 154 interconnecting flights of stairs. Although this vertical structure boasts stunning views of the city and river, our helicopter tours will not only help you beat the excited crowds with selfie sticks, but allow you to take in this stunning monument from a whole new perspective!

What Tours Can You See Vessel On? 

You may be asking, which of our NYC helicopter tours offers an unobstructed view of Vessel? Luckily for you, there are several options to choose from! The New Yorker, Ultimate and Deluxe Tour will all give you a gorgeous view of Vessel along with several other iconic NYC monuments. 

 Try out a HeliNY helicopter tour to see the most that NYC has to offer. Only Helicopter Flight Services provides this one of a kind experience. 

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