Top New York City Landmarks to See From a Helicopter

helicopter ride nyTaking a helicopter tour of New York City can provide you with the chance to see many of the city’s iconic landmarks from a different perspective than you ever have before. A tour from Helicopter Flight Services can take you over many of the historic structures and natural sites for which New York City is famous. Soaring through the air, you can look down on well-known places you have only seen on the ground or in pictures up until now.

Your helicopter tour can fly you over many of the structures that keep New York connected. You can look down at the impressively designed and historic Brooklyn, George Washington, and Verrazano Bridges that thousands of people drive across every day.

A helicopter can also take you over other sites that draw visitors to the City for their historic and cultural significance. You can soar above the iconic Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, where many immigrants got their first glimpse of the United States. You can also see other famous sites throughout New York City, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Yankee Stadium, Greenwich Village, and the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, that attract thousands of tourists every day.

In addition to man-made structures throughout the City, you will also be able to look down and marvel at the natural beauty of New York. Your helicopter tour will fly you over the Hudson River, New York Harbor, and South Street Seaport that are such important parts of New York’s geography and history.

A helicopter tour will enable you to gain a new perspective on the famous and historic city of New York. You will see many iconic and familiar landmarks in a whole new light when viewing them from above. Contact Helicopter Flight Services today to schedule a New York City helicopter tour.