Two Ways Using a Custom Helicopter Service Benefits a Business

Two Ways Using a Custom Helicopter Service Benefits a Business

February 25, 2016

helicopter ride nyChartering a custom helicopter in order to serve a series of prospective clients is a cost effective way to improve your business. From the securities industry to the real estate business, helicopters represent a certain, rare level of exceptional status, achievement, and commitment.

1. Taking Buyers to See High-Priced Properties Outside of NYC

For example, for those realtors who specialize in high end, high profile properties in places like the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Catalina Island, Nantucket, and condos in midtown Manhattan, then using a helicopter to ferry around prospective buyers is very wise choice. The benefits are almost too many to mention in such a short amount of time but here are just a few: no worries about getting stuck in traffic jams, no worries about having car problems, no worries about getting lost, and above all else, no worries about the competition beating you out when it comes to impressing that all important special client. With an unbeatable view, customized service and many other accoutrements-a helicopter service is a matchless way to impress clients, family members, and prospective buyers.

2. Quick Travel to Any Destination

In this down economy, who has the time to waste being stuck in an interminable traffic jam? Unlike airplanes, taking off and landing are much are more efficient when it comes to helicopters. Real estate tycoon Donald Trump uses his custom made helicopter to fly around Manhattan, for quick tips to his casino in Atlantic City, and even to get to his world famous estate in Palm Beach.

For about the price of renting a high end limousine, one can rent a helicopter and take a tour of New York City or folks can also make arrangements for a custom tour of a particular area and or property.