Unforgettable Birthday Gifts for Men

The special man in your life is going to have a birthday. Whether it’s less than a month from now or many months away, it’s never too early to think of some creative birthday gift ideas.
Far too often, we fall into the trap of just getting our special guys the same sort of thing every year. You know what I mean. We find them another tie, (like they don’t have enough already) some new electronic gadget that will be obsolete in six month, or a gift card to Best Buy. Not only are those same old gifts boring and predictable, but they set a precedent that all future gifts should be boring and predictable – even the ones he gets for you.
Here are some ideas that will make sure that doesn’t happen again.
A Wilderness Adventure
All men like to hit the great outdoors when they can. Even those who generally prefer all the comforts of home like a little fresh air and open sky every now and then. Sign your boyfriend or husband up for an exciting romp in the wild.
There are a ton of options available. The sportsman or hunter would love to go on a big game hunt in places like Alaska or Montana while the nature lover might rather go on a guided hike in the backcountry of one of the National Parks. Any adventure in a place that is as far away from the office, both mentally and physically, will be a gift they will cherish forever.
Sometimes an adrenaline rush is the best gift idea for his birthday. Every busy career guy can be so busy making a living that they forget exactly what living is all about. Jumping out of an airplane is an idea that will definitely remind a man about the thrill of living.
Finding a skydiving adventure is easier than it sounds. Every good sized city with an airport will have a skydiving club, and there is always a professional and certified trainer among them. They are happy to introduce new people into the hobby. Not only is skydiving a safe and fun adrenaline rush, it will be something that he will be able to brag to his friends about. He’ll love you for it.
A Helicopter Ride
Every guy loves helicopters, even if they don’t know it, and getting a ride in one would be the thrill of a lifetime. Helicopter rides can either be standalone gifts, or part of something bigger. Either way, this thrilling birthday gift idea will get him high with excitement. It could be the highlight of a vacation/birthday, or maybe a nighttime flyover of the city skyline before a romantic dinner. Most larger cities, especially the more touristy ones, will have helicopter tours that will give passengers a bird’s eye view of the city.
Something Really Special
Not every gift costs money. Sometimes the best gift to get a guy is something he really wants, even though he might be too embarrassed to ask you for it outright, or afraid you’d get mad if he did. Some of your friends will say it isn’t right and that you shouldn’t do it, even if it is his birthday. But deep down, your man wants it more than you could ever know.
A bit of personal time all to himself. What did you think I meant?
Life can get stressful, and as much as your boyfriend or husband loves you, sometimes the thing they want the most is some quiet time to themselves where they can decompress and relax in complete solitude. Giving him the permission and freedom to have that time to himself that he needs will show him how much you care more than a fancy watch ever could.
A birthday is special and it’s a great excuse to get the man in your life an awesome and unforgettable experience gift. Even though it’s the thought that truly counts not matter what you end up giving, receiving a gift that is interactive is more likely to create a longer lasting memorable experience.
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