Which Municipal Airports Around New York Does a Charter Helicopter Fly To?

helicopter ride nyIf you live in the Big Apple, there are plenty of reasons for you to take advantage of helicopter services in your area. Think you don’t have the need for one? Think again, as helicopter services can help you get to and from the airport, can take you high above the city to see the sites, and can also get you to your vacation destination without having to worry about ground traffic. You’re re-thinking your decision to avoid helicopter charters now, aren’t you? If so, here are some of the airports that New York City helicopter charters fly to.
Servicing an Airport Near You – The first thing many people ask before scheduling a charter with a helicopter company is ask, “Which airports do you fly to?” Every helicopter charter company is different; however, most will service most, if not all, nearby airports. In the New York City area, you’ll find that most charter helicopters will service three major municipal airports: LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Kennedy Airport (JFK), and Newark Airport (EWR), which is in New Jersey. By providing full service to these local airports, helicopter services can guarantee that their airport transfer packages will accommodate all of their customers. For customers who need to be chartered to an airport that is not local, most helicopter services will still be able to accommodate for a higher cost.
Importance of Servicing Multiple Airports – The reason helicopter services connect with so many municipal airports is to provide their customers with the best service. To provide quality service from the moment they land in the New York City area to the moment they leave, helicopter services want to make airport transfers as easy and stress free as possible. If a customer arrives at one airport and departs from another, the helicopter service should be able to accommodate. In the same way that you can rent a car from one city or state and return it in another, helicopter services aim to expand their transfer services to better accommodate all travelers.
Next time you’re in the New York City area, or if you live there currently, perhaps you should take advantage of a helicopter service. Even if you don’t need one to get you to the airport, there are places to go and sights to see, all from the comfortable cabin of a helicopter charter.