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Brotherhood Winery

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The extraordinary journey commences in New York City, where a helicopter whisks you away to Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, New York.

The winery holds the distinction of being America’s oldest continuously operating winery, having been established in 1839. Nestled in the scenic Hudson Valley, it boasts a rich history and a charming setting. The winery offers a variety of experiences, from tours and tastings to special events in its historic cellars and beautiful outdoor spaces. Known for its diverse selection of wines, including traditional reds, whites, and sparkling varieties, Brotherhood Winery provides a unique blend of heritage and contemporary winemaking, making it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and tourists alike.

The helicopter lands directly on the cidery property, where staff awaits your arrival to warmly greet and welcome the guests.

Charter Packages

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Dining: Gourmet lunch & Personalized 4-course menu
Tours: Experience wine tasting and a VIP tour of the cellar and estate grounds backdropped by this historic setting.
New York City Skyline Tour: Receive a tour of the NYC skyline on the way to or from your day trip destination!


Visitors arriving via helicopter are treated to an exclusive VIP tour of the cellars and estate grounds with wine tasting culminating in a meticulously arranged gourmet lunch experience.

Experience the delight of a personalized four-course menu expertly complemented by 1839 Restaurant, all set against the breathtaking winery surroundings.

The luxurious 3-hour adventure concludes with a smooth helicopter journey back to New York City, offering guests a quick tour of the iconic NYC skyline before landing.


Day trip to the cidery on Bell 407 starts $4050.
(The itinerary can be customized based on need of the guest)

Brotherhood Winery

America's Oldest Winery

This luxury helicopter experience is available year-round.

The trip is contingent upon the availability of providers, favorable weather conditions, and helicopter maintenance. In the event of cancellation due to these factors, ground transportation will be arranged, and a flight credit valid for one year will be issued.

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