How Can a Helicopter Improve Your Wedding?

February 25, 2016
helicopter ride nyAre you considering using a helicopter to improve your wedding? If so, then we’re happy to tell you that hiring a helicopter on your special day is one of the easiest ways to enhance your wedding and make it that much more memorable! How? That’s easy, just keep on reading.
Honeymoon Transfer – First things first, after the ceremony and reception come to an end, you and your new husband or wife are going to want to be on your way. If you’re going on your honeymoon immediately after the reception, a helicopter can serve you in two different ways. First of all, if your honeymoon location isn’t overseas, why not take the helicopter straight to your honeymoon destination? Why bother with airports and security when you can be on your way straight from the reception? On the other hand, if you’re going overseas, feel free to book a helicopter ride to the airport. This way, you don’t have to worry about parking your car and catching a shuttle to the airport terminal. Ride there in style, comfort, and speed. Because a helicopter is so much faster than a car, you can spend a few more hours with your guests at the reception instead of having to dip out early.
Dramatic Exit – Even if you’re not planning on setting off for the honeymoon right away, you can still use a helicopter to enhance your big day. What better way to leave your reception than in style? Some brides and grooms leave their receptions with guests blowing bubbles or lighting sparklers. Why not be the bride and groom who boards their own private helicopter? Talk about dramatic, fancy, and special! In ten years, you’ll be the only one of your friends saying, “I left my wedding in style.”
Different – The bottom line is this, using a helicopter to benefit you and your husband or wife is one of the best decisions you can make. It is different, it is unique, and it is highly effective in getting you to your next destination. If you’re looking for something different, booking a helicopter charter is the way to go. Plus, you can surprise your new husband or wife by keeping it as a last minute surprise! What better way to say “Hey let’s get out of here” than by heading out to a helicopter fueled and ready to take you to your long-awaited honeymoon!
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