Using Aerial Photography for a Construction Project

February 25, 2016
aerial photography constructionPhotos and video taken from the air can show a location from a unique vantage point and provide a perspective that is impossible to get from ground-level shots. Aerial photography can be particularly useful in construction projects and architectural planning.
When planning a construction project, it is essential to see the entire piece of land to be developed and all of the surrounding features that could have an impact on the plans. Buildings, trees, waterways, mountains, and roads are all important factors that need to be seen and understood clearly so they can be taken into account when planning a construction project. Taking photos of an area from a helicopter makes it easy to see the entire site that is going to be developed so that appropriate plans can be made.
If a large tract of land is being developed, it can be helpful to view it from above to see the scope of the entire project and how it is progressing. An area of many acres can be too large to walk or drive through, and it may be difficult to see how different parts of the project fit together from the ground. By taking photos or video from a helicopter, developers and investors can get a complete picture of the project, including buildings, roads, waterways, and other aspects of the natural environment that may affect construction.
Helicopter Flight Services can take you up in one of our helicopters to survey a construction site and take aerial photographs or video of the entire location. Getting a bird’s eye view can be invaluable in planning your project and can help things go smoothly because it can eliminate surprises. Contact us today to book a helicopter for aerial photography.