What Businesses Use Aerial Photography?

February 25, 2016
helicopter ride nyTaking aerial photographs from a helicopter offers a unique vantage point that enables businesses to capture superb shots that would not be possible from the ground. Aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular in several industries.
Many businesses that promote themselves in part based on their appearance, such as restaurants and country clubs, choose aerial photography. This enables them to show off their buildings and manicured grounds to impress prospective clients.
Aerial photography is also popular in the real estate field. If a real estate agent wants to show a client a large piece of land, it can be difficult to convey the scope of the parcel from ground-level photos. Aerial pictures taken from a helicopter can allow potential buyers to get a sense of the size of a tract of land, the buildings that occupy it, and the surrounding landscape, such as other structures, roads, mountains, and bodies of water.
Photos taken from above can also be useful in the construction industry. A developer who needs to be able to see an entire tract of land and supervise a large project can get a better feel for the area and how the project is progressing if it can be seen from above. Aerial photography also allows developers to see other features that may affect the project, such as nearby buildings, roads, and waterways.
Aerial photography can be an attractive way to promote a university. Many students base their decision on which school to attend at least in part on the size and appearance of the campus. Photos taken from a helicopter can help a university promote the beauty of its buildings, the surrounding area, and the natural environment.
The filmmaking industry frequently uses aerial photography to capture sweeping shots of large areas or exciting sequences. Videos taken from above can enhance the style and appearance of a film and draw in viewers.
“Taking aerial photographs from a helicopter is an ideal way to conduct and promote a business. Photos taken from above allow businesspeople to show the size and scope of their buildings and surrounding areas and to draw in potential customers and viewers.