The George Washington Bridge

Many people come to visit NYC for it’s amazing landmarks. On our helicopter tours, we’ve seen so many people  excited to experience touchpoints such as The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Freedom Tower, The Empire State Building, and The Brooklyn Bridge, all from the air.
One often overlooked landmark with an equally impressive and rich history is none other than The George Washington Bridge.  This engineering wonder’s history and quick facts are highlighted below. Take a look at our brief rundown of the bridge to get you prepared to make the most out of your next NYC helicopter tour.

In 1931, Franklin D. Roosevelt himself dedicated the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River. The bridge was designed to connect New Jersey with New York City, starting in NJ at Fort Lee and landing in NYC in Washington Heights.
According to, at the time of its construction it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, spanning over 4,760 feet!
Fun Facts

  • The four main cables are composed of a single strand which was brought back and forth across the river 61 times.
  • Each cable stand is a bundle of 434 individual wires
  • On the New Jersey side, the cables are fastened directly into the rocks of the Palisades.
  • The New York anchorage, into which the main cables are anchored, consists of 110,000 cubic yard of concrete weighing 260,000 tons.

Our Ultimate Tour and Deluxe Tour* all pass this beautiful marvel of New York City. We recommend getting a bird’s eye view!
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