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Our helicopters come equipped with safety features such as: Global Position Systems (GPS), Synthetic Vision Display Units and Terrain Warning Avoidance Systems (TWAS). Our new Bell 407GX helicopters are equipped with the latest in noise reduction technology.

Helicopter Flight Services is the only New York-area company moving forward with rotocraft noise reduction technology. All of our aircraft are equipped with Traffic Information Systems (TIS), a big safety feature allowing our pilots to see the New York air traffic at a glance.

Introducing Our Pilots

Brian Edwards Piloting a Helicopter

Brian Edwards

Pilot/Safety Manager

Mr. Edwards is a valued pilot at Helicopter Flight Services (“HeliNY”) and a recent addition to the management team. Boasting a unique blend of Army helicopter training and civilian flight instructor expertise, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. Currently, Mr. Edwards operates UH-60 Blackhawks in the National Guard, where he assumed the role of a safety officer for a medivac company starting in 2020. His responsibilities extended to membership in a safety council dedicated to addressing mishaps and implementing effective control measures.

With a background as a civilian pilot and flight instructor in the NYC area, Mr. Edwards seamlessly combines his civilian and military aviation knowledge. This fusion allows him to develop innovative safety protocols and policies for HeliNY, drawing on the best aspects of both realms.

U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence

Bloomsburg University

Westchester University

Platinum Helicopters

Clive Robers Headshot

Clive Roberts

Chief Pilot

Mr. Roberts joined the Company in 2013 and currently serves as the Chief Pilot for HeliNY. Mr. Roberts is responsible for all 15+ pilots daily work schedules and certifications. Mr. Roberts’ experience includes over 9300 flight hours, with vast experience across a variety of helicopters including Bell 407 and 427, and Airbus EC130 and EC155s. His career includes pilot experience at Helicopters Inc., New York Helicopter, and serving as Flight Instructor at both Nassau Helicopters and Mercer County Community College.

Nassau Helicopters Princeton, NJ

Mercer Country Community College





Mile Range


Max Speed

Our Bell 407 helicopters seat 6 passengers with 1 pilot. There is 1 seat up front next to the pilot and a cabin with 2 seats facing backwards and 3 seats facing forwards. Seating is determined by the weights of all passengers in the flight so we cannot guarantee you a seat in advance. Our aircraft have floor to ceiling glass windows for excellent views from any seat.

Our helicopters are always flown with the doors on. We have floor to ceiling glass windows for excellent views from any seat! Our climate controlled cabins allow you to see New York City from above in comfort and style!

There is one seat next to the pilot, you can request to sit next to the pilot but the final seating is determined by the weights of all passengers in the flight.