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Whether you are taking a quick trip to the airport or heading to the Hamptons for the weekend, a helicopter charter offers a quick, easy and comfortable alternative for travel in and out of the New York City area.

HeliNY operates Bell 407 and 427 (twin engine) helicopters that give you a smooth, safe ride in a powerful helicopter without sacrificing the comfort of a spacious cabin that seats up to six. Our helicopters are all equipped with heat and air conditioning as well as a Bose stereo system to help you relax and enjoy the ride. Learn more about our helicopters. 

VIP Destination Charter Experiences

Seminary Hill

Hemlock Neversink

Hotel, Restaurant, & Cidery

Serene Spa Retreat

Seminary Hill Orchard

Charter Services

Below are the average flight times and starting rates for popular destinations departing from New York City during regular business hours.

Prices are subject to demand, prices starting from:

East Hampton (45 minutes)
One Way – $2,995 / Round Trip – $3,395*

Southampton (40 minutes)
One Way – $2,695 / Round Trip – $3,695*

Westhampton (35 minutes)
One Way – $2,545 / Round Trip – $2,995*

Atlantic City (45 minutes)
One Way – $2,775 / Round Trip – $3,395*

Philadelphia (50 minutes)
One Way – $2,665 / Round Trip – $3,295*

*Round trip prices will have additional waiting fees applies.

Map of charter destinations

Call for pricing to these other popular destinations:

  • Westchester (15 minutes)
  • Morristown (15 minutes)
  • Farmingdale (17 minutes)
  • Boston (90 minutes)
  • Washington D.C. (120 minutes)

Helicopter Event Rental

Renting a helicopter for an event elevates the experience to unparalleled heights of luxury and excitement. It’s an extraordinary way to make a grand entrance or departure, leaving an indelible impression on guests. The thrill of soaring above the event venue and its surroundings provides a perspective unlike any other, offering breathtaking aerial views that captivate and inspire. Beyond the thrill, helicopter rental offers practical benefits, such as swift and efficient transportation, bypassing traffic congestion and ensuring guests arrive on time. The opportunity for customized routes and exclusive packages adds a personal touch, tailored to the preferences and desires of the event organizers and attendees. Whether it’s for a corporate gathering, a special celebration, or a memorable occasion, renting a helicopter for an event transforms it into an unforgettable experience filled with luxury, adventure, and awe-inspiring moments.

HeliNY we service the entire Northeast USA

Helicopters rentals are available for: weddings, proms, engagements, fly-ins to parties, media events, gender reveals, corporate events and team building activities.


Aerial Photography

Capture the perfect shot from above with our aerial photography services. 

For all of these services and more, we provide custom options all over the tri-state area to meet you and your clients’ expectations.

Helicopter Lift Work

HeliNY can help you get the job done. Our experienced pilots and ground crew will design a lifting solution to meet your needs.

Our aircraft has the ability to lift up to 1,700 pounds. Please call us or submit a request to discuss your project.

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