Why Is The Bell 407GX Popular for Touring and Charters?

helicopter ride nyBell helicopters are popular for tours and charters because of their design, performance, and amenities. One of our most requested models is the Bell 407GX.
The Bell 407GX is a four-blade, single-engine helicopter that offers superior comfort and performance. It has a range of over 300 nautical miles and can travel at a speed of 140 knots to get you to your destination quickly and safely.
The cockpit and cabin have recently been upgraded to improve the helicopter’s safety and performance. It has enough space for five passengers and the pilot to be seated comfortably. The Bell 407GX offers leather seating, more headroom than other helicopters, and additional amenities, such as state-of-the-art noise canceling headsets that allow passengers to talk with each other or the pilot or to listen to music during the helicopter flight.
The Bell 407GX also has several standard safety features. It is equipped with a global positioning system (GPS), synthetic vision display unit, terrain warning avoidance system, and traffic collision avoidance system that enables the pilot to see New York’s air traffic at a glance.
If you are planning a helicopter sightseeing tour or charter, the Bell 407GX is the perfect aircraft. With its spacious design and amenities, superior performance, and standard safety features, you will be able to cruise above Manhattan to take in the sights or get to the airport or your vacation home quickly in style and comfort. Contact Helicopter Flight Services to schedule a tour or charter in one of our two Bell 407GX helicopters today.