How to Help Your Children Relax during a Helicopter Flight

helicopter ride nyIf you are planning to take a helicopter tour or a charter to an airport or a vacation destination with your family, you may find that your children are anxious. Here are some strategies to help your kids get over their fear and enjoy the trip.

Talk to your kids before you set out for your tour or charter. Explain where you are going and why and how much fun you will have. If you are going on a tour, talk about the things you will see. If you are going on vacation, talk about your destination, the things you will do, and the people you will see.

Explain what will happen on the helicopter. Tell your kids that you will board, get into your seats, and fasten your seatbelts. Explain how a helicopter takes off and what the experiences of flying and landing will be like. It may be helpful to read books or watch movies about flying to prepare your children.

Comfort your children if they are nervous during the flight. Speak in a calm, reassuring tone of voice, hold their hands, sing songs, or encourage them to play with toys, read books, watch movies, or listen to music. You can also bring along your children’s favorite foods or treats such as candy.

Ask your children exactly what is scaring them. Kids are often nervous if they hear noises and don’t know what is causing them. Explain what is creating the sounds and that they are normal and nothing to fear.

Some parents give their children medication to calm their nerves on a flight. Discuss this with your pediatrician and follow his or her recommendations.

It is important that you stay calm, even if your children are anxious. Most kids calm down eventually. As your children get used to flying, they will become more comfortable with it and may even come to enjoy it.