Tips for Taking a Helicopter to the Airport

helicopter ride nyIf you’re going to use a helicopter service to get you to the airport, there really isn’t anything to worry about. The point of scheduling a helicopter to transport you to your terminal is to help you make your flight without worrying about road traffic, parking the car, or other stressful mishaps that can occur on travel day. Regardless, if you’re a little on edge about using a helicopter transfer, here are some tips to help you get prepared.

Consider Proximity – Before you choose which helicopter service to work with, try and find the heliport that is closest to you. The point of using a helicopter service is to get you to the airport quicker. Your trip won’t be expedited if you have to drive all the way across town just to get on the helicopter. If your drive to the heliport is longer than the drive to the airport, you might as well drive yourself to the airport. The bottom line is this: Choose a heliport that is closer to you than you are to the airport. All helicopter chartering companies list their heliport locations on their website, so finding the nearest helipad should be easy.

Schedule Appropriately – Helicopters are really fast and they will definitely get you to the airport quicker than if you drove yourself, especially in New York City. Having said that, helicopters can’t work miracles. If you show up to the heliport 10 minutes before your flight leaves, don’t expect to make your flight. Helicopters charters don’t drop you on the tarmac; they land at the airport and then arrange ground transportation to take you to your terminal. From there, you still have to get your tickets, if you don’t already have them, and then go through security. Although taking a helicopter to the airport will cut down your travel time, arrive early so that you still have plenty of time to check your bags and get to your gate.

Relax – Above all, make sure you let yourself relax. Helicopter charters are great for the New York City traveler, because they take you high above the stressful congestion on the roadways to bring you to the airport safe, relaxed and ready to travel. Try to enjoy your pre-flight helicopter transfer and know that you’re in good hands. This experience is designed to get you to the airport faster but it is also designed to be stress free.