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5 NYC Treasures You Need To Visit

So, you’re here! When in the Big Apple, you know the big guys you need to take care of on your to-do list.

Times Square! Of course. Central Park! Duh. The Statue of Liberty! That’s a no-brainer. They’re on ALL tourists to-do lists. But what about the less well-known attractions?


Here are our 5 super-secret top picks:


  1. Green-Wood Cemetery

Easily one of the most beautiful, green spots in Brooklyn, a visit to Green-wood Cemetery is a must.  Home to the first major battle of the American Revolutionary War, this gothic masterpiece is older than both Prospect Park and Central Park. Robert Roosevelt, Samuel Morse, William Colgate and Leonard Bernstein are just a handful of its more famous permanent residents.  Pretty cool. Learn more about the cemetery and check out upcoming events here.

2. Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins

The 19th-century Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island is an abandoned NYC building that has been designated as an official New York City landmark. NYC suffered from the smallpox epidemic far more than other parts of the U.S due to the density of its population. Hop on the Roosevelt Island tram to check out the beautiful island and the moss covered walls of this abandoned building.

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  1. The Morgan Library

We all know about the New York Public Library but the Morgan Library deserves its own fair share of praise. This began as the private library of financier Pierpont Morgan, one of the preeminent collectors in the United States. One of the most beautiful indoor spaces of New York City with history of its own, a visit is a must. Learn more here.

  1. The Whispering Gallery at Grand Central

Whisper secrets in the busy station only to be heard on the other side of this acoustic arch! Something to do with the ceiling tilework, the quietest sweet nothings  can be heard across the big hallway by pressing your ear up against the tilework. Wild! Learn more about how this works on Wikipedia.

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  1. A bird’s-eye view of NYC

A bird’s-eye view of NYC’s skyline is unlike any other NYC view! Have you ever seen NYC from above? It’s breathtaking. Step out of the NYC cold and into a helicopter with a HeliNY helicopter tour! Click here to learn more.

That’s all from us!


-The HeliNY Team