Can I Book a Summer Holiday Charter?

helicopter ride nyIf you deal with a stressful daily commute, you are probably looking forward to getting away for a relaxing vacation this summer. However, if you are from the New York area, you know that dealing with traffic can be frustrating and unpredictable. It can easily take an hour or more to travel a short distance from your home to one of the area’s major airports. You would need to leave well in advance of your flight’s departure time to make sure that you got there on time.
Fortunately, there is an easier way to get to the airport to get away from it all this summer. A helicopter charter from Helicopter Flight Services can get you to the airport quickly. A charter can easily turn a trip that would take over an hour by car into a matter of minutes. This will give you more time to pack and less time rushing to get to the airport or sitting in traffic. Complimentary transportation is provided to take you from the helicopter landing area to your airline terminal.
You can also take a charter flight to other locations throughout the Northeast. You can book a flight to a heliport in Atlantic City, Boston, the Hamptons, Philadelphia, or Westchester to get you close to your final destination.
Helicopter Flight Services operates a fleet of modern Bell 407 and 427 helicopters. These aircraft have a strong safety record and offer many amenities, including spacious cabins that can seat up to six passengers, air conditioning, and stereo systems.
If you are looking forward to getting away for vacation this summer, don’t waste time dealing with frustrating traffic to get to your destination. Book a helicopter charter to get you to the airport or your vacation spot quickly so that you will have more time to relax with your family.