Bimal Sapkota

HeliNY // Meet our Team: Bimal Sapkota

At HeliNY, we know we’d be nothing without our team. This week, we are so happy to recognize a very important member of our team, our pilot, Bimal Sapkota!
Bimal came to the U.S all the way from Nepal in 2015. He first arrived in Hawaii where he began flight training – best 13 months of his life, he claims! Once his flight training was over, he came on over to NYC in 2016.
What are your responsibilities at HeliNY?
Bimal: We first start our day in Linden, New Jersey where we check all of our helicopters to make sure that everything is good to go – that  nothing is broken or suspicious. We conduct a pre-flight inspection where we ensure that there are no leaks, no corrosion and no broken wiring. We make sure we have fuel and that all of the lights are working properly. Once we check the weather for the day, we get assigned to our tours and charters and start flying!

“I feel very lucky being from such a small country in the east and flying over the most beautiful view in the most popular city in the USA every single day. That’s great. That feels great.“

Why HeliNY?
Bimal: I used to be a flight dispatcher until I flew my first flight in February 2015. I have been flying ever since then. This past February, I joined HeliNY – it’s the best helicopter company in New York. I got lucky. Best company in town.


How do you like the tourism industry?
Bimal: You get to meet lots of different kinds of people in this job. It’s great.


What’s your favorite part about the job?
Bimal: It’s not a job – it’s my life. I’m not working. That’s the best part.


What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced while working with HeliNY?
Bimal: I’ve flown quite a few celebrities although I’m not supposed to name them! People I’ve never ever thought I would meet.

Bimal’s Favorite NYC Landmark: “My favorite NYC landmark is not any particular building or place but the night view of the skyline overall. I love the view of the city at night.”
We appreciate you, Bimal!
-The HeliNY Team

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