Schedule a Helicopter for Your Business

helicopter ride nyThere are many ways aviation and helicopters can help with your business needs. We know how business aviation helps companies get employees to destinations in a fast, safe and cost-effective way. It’s often the best form of transportation available.

Business aviation travel is not always about covering long distances in a short amount of time. Sometimes you just want to get to a corporate event a little quick and easier. This is where helicopters can help with travel efficiency. Helicopters can help reduce travel time to and from major airports. They can also be used for shorter business travel flights. Chartering a helicopter for business travel also allows for a smoother ride and pleasurable travel experience. You’ll find some helicopters that feature roomy and spacious cabins that can seat up to six people in comfort. This amount of comfort and space allows people to conduct business during travel time, leading to efficiency.

Business travel with helicopters can go beyond employees. Helicopters can be used to transport clients in style and convenience and for the same reasons above.

When scheduling a helicopter for any sort of business travel, make a reservation as soon as you can. Don’t assume there will be availability. Some helicopter charters are booked months in advance. Booking in advance can be especially helpful if you are using a helicopter charter to travel to an airport for a flight. Remember, one of the main reasons for chartering a helicopter for business use is for a reduction in travel time.

Determine if you will need a travel backup plan in place in case of inclement weather. Conditions like dense fog, poor visibility, low clouds, lightning, heavy wind and rain can all lead to a flight cancellation. Of course, snow can also play a major factor in travel, something to consider if you are booking a business charter during the winter months.

Call your helicopter charter company’s flight specialists and explain your business travel needs. Ask about rates and scheduling.