Things to Bring on a Helicopter Tour

helicopter ride nyTaking a helicopter tour is a fun and exciting experience that will let you capture a bird’s eye view of popular sites and make lasting memories. In order to enjoy your helicopter tour and be as comfortable as possible, it is important to be prepared. Here are some tips on what to take with you on your tour.

Guests 18 and over should bring identification to check in at the helipad before boarding the helicopter for the tour.

Proper attire is important in order to be comfortable on your flight. Wear clothing that is appropriate for the season. If you are taking a helicopter tour in the summer, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing so that you will not get too hot from the sun that will be coming in through the windows of the helicopter. You should also wear sunscreen and sunglasses. During the spring and fall, it is wise to dress in layers since the temperature can drop without warning as the helicopter ascends into the air. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt and bring a sweater or jacket. If you are taking your tour during the winter, dress in a coat, scarf, and gloves. Wear comfortable shoes that will not come loose. Do not wear sandals or flip-flops in the summer. Keep long hair pulled back. Do not wear loose jewelry.

Bring a camera or video camera with you. You will want to capture shots of the breathtaking views you will see as you fly through the sky and look down at the landscape and sites below. You should also bring along extra batteries, just in case. If you are planning to use your cell phone to take pictures or videos, be sure that it is fully charged before you leave your home or hotel.

Do not bring a purse, backpack, loose keys, or other items that could get in the way or interfere with the safe operation of the helicopter. Ask about weight limits for carry-on items.

A helicopter tour is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will remember for years to come. Prepare with the right attire and items to make the most of the trip.