Does Helicopter Flight Services Fly Tours and Charters in the Winter?

helicopter ride nyHelicopter Flight Services flies tours in the New York City area and charters to major airports and other destinations in the Northeast. One of the most common questions prospective passengers have is whether inclement weather will force their flights to be canceled.
We fly tours and charters throughout the year. In most cases, weather conditions are suitable and we can fly you safely to your destination.
Helicopter Flight Services can fly tours and charters in the winter. Even if it is cold, that will not ground your flight. The outside temperature has no effect on flight conditions. You will be comfortable in the cabin since all of our helicopters are equipped with heat.
We may be forced to cancel or reschedule your flight in some circumstances. We will postpone a flight if there is dense fog, low clouds, poor visibility, lightning, strong winds, or heavy rain or snow. These conditions can make it dangerous to fly. Since your safety is our top priority, we will cancel your flight under these conditions.
If we need to cancel your helicopter tour or charter because of poor weather conditions, you can reschedule it for another day that is convenient for you at no additional cost. If you would rather not reschedule, we can issue you a full refund if you paid in advance.
Winter is a great time to take a helicopter tour of New York City or take a charter to a vacation destination. In most circumstances, flying is safe. If we need to cancel your flight due to poor weather conditions, you can easily reschedule or get your money back. Contact Helicopter Flight Services today to book your reservation.