Planning a Wedding Day Helicopter Airport Charter

ny helicopter charter servicesIf you are planning to get married soon and then jet away immediately to your honeymoon destination, the last thing you want after your ceremony and reception is to spend an hour or more driving to the airport. A helicopter charter from Helicopter Flight Services can get you quickly from your wedding venue to one of New York City’s regional airports.

A drive to the airport can easily take an hour or more, depending on your starting location. You will likely have to deal with frustrating traffic in the city and possibly construction that might cause you to get to the airport late and miss your flight. After the stress of planning your wedding and making sure that the ceremony and reception went according to plan, the last thing you want is the additional stress of dealing with traffic.

Booking a helicopter charter to take you to the airport can alleviate all of that anxiety. You can get picked up at a helipad and be whisked away to the airport of your choice in a matter of minutes. Since the trip is so short, you will have more time to spend celebrating your wedding with your family and friends at the reception and still get to the airport with time to spare before your flight departs.

An airport charter with Helicopter Flight Services is easy and convenient. It can relieve a great deal of anxiety and allow you to enjoy your wedding day more and get to the airport quickly so that you can look forward to relaxing on your honeymoon. Contact us today to schedule your charter flight.