Three Tips for Scheduling an Airport Transfer Into Your Vacation Plans

helicopter ride nyPlanning to include a helicopter airport transfer in your travel plans? If so, be sure to keep the following tips in mind when planning your trip.

1. Schedule Early

One of the best tips for scheduling an airport transfer is to make all of the arrangements early; then, several days before departing on your trip, confirm every leg of your journey.

2. Make Sure the Transfer Will Arrive Early at the Airport

When scheduling an airport transfer for a either business or personal vacation, one needs to ensure that upon arrival at the airport that there is ample time to navigate through the security check points and or customs. With the recent surge in airport travel, especially around the holidays and summer months, any sort of significant delay can have deleterious effects on even the most meticulous of travel plans.

3. Get to the Heliport Early

Another tip for scheduling an airport transfer is to arrive at the heliport ninety minutes before your scheduled departure time. Helicopters, just like airplanes cannot fly, when there is severe adverse weather conditions; more specifically, heavy fog, torrential rains, and intense lightening storms can all delay lift offs.

Arriving early has several other advantages, as well: travelers will not feel rushed, and there is time to use the restroom and get mentally ready to travel via helicopter. For those who have never flown in a helicopter, even if it is only for a short thirty-minute trip, getting to the heliport a little early can help soothe jumpy nerves.

Airport transfers are a fast and effective way to avoid traffic jams and delays with road construction and, when you are traveling for business, are a great way to impress those all important clients. From midtown Manhattan to one of the major airports in the New York City metro area, many of the trips are less than thirty minutes.

Airport transfers are a cost effective and safe way to get to and from the airport. Customers will save time and money, while, at the same time, they will enjoy a great ride over some of America’s most treasured landmarks.

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